• 17/09/2010

Valencia hold 18th International Family Congress

The purpose of this Congress is to emphasize the importance of the family within the framework of society, along with its value and social responsibility to provide ongoing training to people on values leading to peace and social cohesion, general well-being and educational development, economic growth and social integration.

The Family is a universal entity and a basic cell of society, as expressed in the Declaration of Human Rights.The family constitutes the very place of the existence, and every person has the right to it during their life. The family structure that has shown greater social suitability is the one based on the marriage between a man and a woman with stable character and with projection towards the generation and welcome of new lives.

IFFD works since 1978 to the promotion and strengthening of the family around the world through programs for parents - Family Enrichment Courses - which are now offered in 58 countries. IFFD also cooperates with international bodies since 1999 as member of the United Nations´ ECOSOC with Consultative Status.

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