Memoria Palacio 2017
  • 24/04/2018

Want us to tell you everything that went on at the Centre in 2017?


If you’d like to know what the main events were at the Valencia Conference Centre in 2017, how much money we invested in audiovisual equipment or find out about the major corporate social responsibility actions we carried out, all you have to do is take a peek at our management report.

The Centre’s website provides its users with the most significant information about everything that happened in its facilities in 2017. This digital report contains details about the type of investments we made, the main types of events we hosted, where those attending the events came from, customer satisfaction levels and financial developments over the period.

It also gives an insight into the new communication and marketing tools that got off the ground during the year and the profiles we’re promoting on social media. And, of course, we also provide interactivity for Internet users who can use YouTube to view testimonials by leading figures at some of the main events we’ve hosted, such as 2007 Nobel Peace Prize winner Edward Rubin, via the links in the different sections.

As a sneak preview, we can tell you that in 2017, the Centre hosted over 100 events and generated more than 67,000 overnight stays in Valencia; if you’d like to learn more, enter and find out!