• 01/05/2009

World premiere of `Nino Bravo, the Musical´

The musical about the Valencian singer Nino Bravo is a chronological history of his life and artistic career using unreleased footage provided by TVE (Spanish state television) and interviews with famous people from his era, composers of his songs and his close friends.

His life story was projected onto a big screen which was used to lead into the songs and to put images to each of the songs performed.

The acoustics in the main auditorium and the size of the stage made for a very enjoyable live music performance by 10 musicians and 4 young singers ? 2 girls and 2 boys ? who had been selected from over 500 applicants. 8 excellent young dancers completed the production, put together by Fernando Navarrete. The set was designed by Paco Bello.

A total of 20 of Nino Bravo?s songs were performed to the delight of his fans. Around 7,000 people went to the 6 shows.