• 18/05/2021

Would you like to join us on this journey through the Annual Report?


The team, together with its strategic allies, got the building ready in terms of safety, innovation, cutting-edge technology and CSR.


In 2020, we did something that is in our DNA: EVOLVE to adapt to the new times. The Valencia Conference Centre got itself ready in record time to continue to stand out as a benchmark venue on the national and international stage.

Check out this summary of the milestones that the team faced in 2020, the year that will remain in everyone's memory. For us, it will always be the year in which...

THE CENTRE GOT READY. The team, together with our strategic allies, got the building ready in terms of SAFETY, INNOVATION, AVANT-GARDE TECHNOLOGY AND CSR.

However, in order to adapt the building to the current situation and to new customer requirements, something very important was needed: investment in the team.

OPTIMISING A GREAT TEAM. We got ready for the new era by training and developing motivation using different tools such as the creation of a performance appraisal system.

Once the team had been trained and properly motivated, we moved into action. We designed the TECHNOLOGY LABORATORY to offer new experiences to customers. We equipped the building with state-of-the-art technology and the necessary infrastructure to host hybrid events.

BOOSTING SUSTAINABILITY. Together (team, suppliers and organisers) we contributed to the achievement of the SDGs.

STRENGTHENING SOLIDARITY. Our building opened its doors to non-profit organisations, and we joined significant national and international CSR initiatives.

LAUNCHING THE EQUALITY PLAN. This is an ambitious plan that guarantees equal treatment between women and men at the Conference Centre.

ENHANCING COMMUNICATION. We designed new communication strategies, focusing on adding a more human touch to the brand. We moved closer to our stakeholders and boosted empathy with our audiences to connect to their new needs, given their increasing awareness of the current situation.

But 2020 did not stop there! We are enormously satisfied with everything we have achieved in just one year. The Conference Centre team is proud of its achievements and it is even more visible thanks to the clients who, despite the pandemic, have chosen our building to hold their congresses. See what they say about us

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