• 10/03/2010

Joaquín Ortega: Obesity surgery is the only treatment which has shown itself to be effective on a long-term basis

The lack of physical exercise, a sedentary lifestyle and a diet based on food which contains large amounts of fat and calories are fertile ground for the significant increase in the excess weight epidemic. This condition, which is becoming more and more prevalent in...

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toni nadal 1
  • 05/11/2009

Tony Nadal: training in values

Rafa Nadal?s uncle and trainer has taught the Spanish tennis star not only to be a top-class sportsman, but an exceptional person as well. Tony tells ePalco about the values that he has passed on to his nephew and which he talked about at the "What Really Matters"...

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Juan José Guibelalde 2
  • 30/10/2009

El encuentro de AECOC sienta las bases contra la crisis

Bajo el lema ?Comprender y superar la crisis? AECOC (Asociación Española de Codificación Comercial) ha reunido más de mil directivos de la industria y la distribución alimentaria, quienes han abordado las nuevas estrategias contra la crisis económica. Tras 23...

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  • 01/05/2009

`The Valencia Conference Centre has played a key role in making the course an international benchmark in neuropaediatrics?

Firstly, how have the Conference Centre and Valencia helped to boost this international course? Fernando Mulas: Having access to a venue as comfortable and private as the Valencia Conference Centre, with such excellent facilities, has helped us to improve the...

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  • 01/05/2009

`Emotions are the only universal language that we all have in common´

Talking of sensations, what is your first impression of the Centre? I am very pleasantly surprised. In photos it seems like a slightly cold place, but I have discovered that the building is actually modern and warm, so my initial impression of it has changed. It is...

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  • 01/10/2008

Top flight sport is not healthy

What are the aims and activities of the Spanish Knee Society? We aim to promote and further studies on knee injury pathologies. Injuries affecting this joint are the most frequently occurring orthopaedic pathologies and not only in terms of sports injuries, which are...

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