43rd SEICAP Congress (Spanish Society of Paediatric Clinical Immunology, Allergy and Asthma)

16 - 18 de Mayo de 2019

The Spanish Society of Paediatric Clinical Immunology, Allergy and Asthma (SEICAP) is holding its 43rd Annual Congress which will bring together leading paediatric allergy and asthma specialists who carry out research and work on the treatment of immuno-allergic diseases, their prevention and other related issues to improve the quality of life of children with these pathologies.

Following previous events held in Malaga, Saragossa and Barcelona, Valencia has once again been chosen as the venue for its annual congress in which paediatricians and allergists from Spain’s main paediatric allergy units will be taking part.

This time round, the scheduled round tables look at skin care as primary allergy prevention, the latest developments in oral food tolerance induction and biological treatments in paediatric allergies.

The programme for delegates also includes workshops entitled Usefulness of molecular diagnosis in immunotherapy indication and efficacy; clinical cases’, ‘Allergies between pots and stoves’ and ‘Adverse reactions to drugs’ which address immunotherapy, the daily lives of children with food allergies and reactions to medication.

In parallel to the Congress there will be a host of other activities taking place including the Paediatric Allergy Training Day for paediatricians and the 11th Allergy Health Fair, an Allergic Child Day aimed at patients, families and society in general to give them insight into the latest developments in the prevention and treatment of allergic pathologies.

During the Congress our foyer or exhibition area will be hosting networking events for pharmaceutical industry professionals along with specific sessions, breakfasts and lunches with experts to showcase the latest developments in the sector.