Longevity World Forum

Talentum Group, Medigene Press, Genética Médica News y Cambridge Precision Medicine.
7-8 de noviembre de 2018

The first conference about longevity and genomics in Europe attended by Spanish and foreign experts is to take place at the Valencia Conference Centre with the support of the Valencia City Council.

The conference is a venue where the scientific community can work together and build knowledge about human longevity. The Longevity World Forum is a new and pioneering global meeting in Europe that brings together in Valencia leading Spanish and foreign experts in the field who share their views drawn from their experience in academia, research and industry.

This exchange of ideas and synergies is to take place at the city's Conference Centre, the setting chosen for the first Longevity World Forum. The project has been jointly organised by Valencia-based consultancy firm Talentum Group, the Medigene Press agency which publishes the specialist journal Genética Médica News and Cambridge Precision Medicine from the UK.

Speakers at the Longevity World Forum will include leading international experts such as José Viña and Federico Pallardó, both professors of Physiology at the University of Valencia; María Blasco, Director of the Spanish National Cancer Research Centre; Manuel Corpas, CSO and founder of Cambridge Precision Medicine; Ángela Nieto, Director of the Developmental Neurobiology Unit at the Alicante Neurosciences Institute UMH-CSIC; Tom Stubbs, CEO at Chronomics; Aubrey de Grey, a biogerontologist and founder of the SENS Research Foundation; and Christopher Lippert, group leader at the Max Delbrück Centre for Molecular Medicine in Berlin.

The Longevity World Forum seeks to be a meeting point for scientists and stakeholders from any country involved in researching and developing approaches to increase life expectancy and improve its quality. The event will run over two days and feature a complete programme addressing the role of aspects such as genomics, precision medicine, nutrition and physical exercise in human longevity, an issue of increasing significance for societies today.