35th AEAS Congress

AEAS (Spanish Water and Wastewater Association) and Global Omnium
27-29 March

The Spanish Water and Wastewater Association (AEAS) came together at the Conference Centre for its 35th National Congress. This meeting, hosted by Global Omnium on this occasion, is the main Spanish forum for professionals, companies and organisations to discuss the most significant aspects of the water management cycle.

Over the three days of the Congress, experts debated how to optimise investment and cut trading losses; the need for an urban water agreement from the standpoint of building product manufacturers; the challenges involved in connecting a hydraulic model to the SCADA system; and aquatic ecology and how to apply it to reservoirs and industrial water. They also presented a guide for drawing up drought emergency plans in urban supply systems along with details of various industry success stories and a best practices manual for selecting and acquiring cold water meters.

The Congress’s challenges: the new layout of our multi-purpose rooms, which can be divided into up to four areas, together with the versatility of our other rooms meant the meetings of the Congress’s numerous committees and working groups could be held simultaneously. This time round, our 1,500-m2 foyer or exhibition area was the backdrop for almost thirty exhibitor companies which are the industry’s main players. As this area is next to the entrances to our auditoriums it is the perfect place to run networking activities for Congress exhibitors and delegates. 

Fun facts: over the 35 year history of this Association's congresses, this event has been one of the most numerous. The initial 712 registrants were joined by staff from the exhibitor companies and students from Valencia’s universities who also came along to the Congress. They were all able to see the water management cycle in over forty scenarios recreated in 3D.