The Conference Centre is accessible, versatile and equipped with the latest technology. We are passionate about delivering matchless service for our congresses, using state-of-the-art technological equipment to provide unrivalled solutions. We have tailored the building’s digital and technological facilities to the swift pace of change in the R&D institute and academic events market which means we can ensure outcomes for any congress which go beyond all expectations.
Technology Congresses Valencia

The technology congresses we host have connectivity for over 3,000 devices from 48 strategically-located access points. We also provide them with 10Gb fibre optic cabling for quick and seamless browsing anywhere in the building.

Our sound systems offer minimum distortion and high fidelity at high frequencies while our projectors featuring laser and DLP technology deliver outstanding performance at up to 30,000 lumens and can be used to add several simultaneous compositions in up to five independent projection layers. Visit our Technology section to learn more about our equipment.

The Centre has a matchless location just a few minutes from the city centre and the high-speed train station, which is an additional enticement for delegates. The building also has 1,000 hotel rooms all within a kilometre’s walking distance and constitutes a core venue for large-scale events.