• 11/12/2018

The Valencia Conference Centre celebrates its 20th anniversary accompanied by its ambassadors

The Mayor of Valencia, Joan Ribó, and the Councillor and Chairwoman of the Valencia Conference Centre's Board of Directors, Sandra Gómez, today took part in the commemorative gala to mark the 20th anniversary of this strategic municipal venue, a celebration which coincides with the Centre being chosen as the World’s Best Convention Centre in 2018.

This gala was attended by the city's leading dignitaries, the Valencia Conference Centre's Board of Directors and members of the venue's Ambassadors' Club, a group of leading individuals from the business, academic, medical and artistic worlds who have helped to bring to Valencia a series of meetings, congresses and national and international events which have been attended by two million people.

 According to Joan Ribó, in his speech at the commemorative gala "On its 20th birthday, the Valencia Conference Centre has a lot to celebrate and the figures are out there for everybody to see: two million visitors participating in its congresses, meetings and international events..., 2,700 events organised by the venue and an economic impact of €1.1 billion on the city's economy that these meetings have generated, in a building designed by one of the world's best architects, Norman Foster, which has become one of Valencia's landmarks on the national and international stage.

 "The numbers speak for themselves", says Sandra Gómez, Chairwoman of the Valencia Conference Centre's Board of Directors and Head of Economic Development at the Valencia City Council, pointing out that of these 2,700 events, "850 have been congresses and conventions". Gómez also highlighted the importance of these "significant figures, bearing in mind that international events currently account for over 40% of business”.

 The Mayor, Joan Ribó, says, "Foster did a good job, but the building was only the beginning, it was then up to us to continue the good work and adapt the venue to the times. Its excellent services had to be continuously improved and updated, combining technology, a great professional team and a firm commitment to modernisation in order to compete in the challenging world tourism market with better profit margins".

 The Valencia Conference Centre is bringing an exceptional 2018 to a close, as a year in which it was chosen as the World's Best Convention Centre for the second time, and it has done so with a gala in which the work of its ambassadors over the last two decades has received special recognition.


 "The Conference Centre ranks prominently in the list of good things about Valencia that we are all proud of, and is one of the highlights of the city of Valencia which is immersed in a process of transformation that puts people and their goals first", says Joan Ribó.

 In turn, Sandra Gomez recalls that the investments made by the Valencia City Council "have made the building more competitive, thus enabling it to regain momentum. She also added that "today, "Valencia has a conference centre with premium infrastructures and a committed team whose efforts have been internationally recognised".

 In addition, she highlighted that since its opening in 1998, the building designed by Norman Foster "has generated a direct and indirect economic impact that represents over 36 times the cost of the building, a result that has been achieved with the help of Valencian professionals who, together with the Conference Centre's team, attract major events to the city”.

 Since 1998, the Conference Centre has become one of the most important congress and business meeting centres at national and international level, and this achievement has been largely due to the work of its ambassadors, who are experts in the medical, scientific, academic and business worlds and who play a leading role in the presentation and promotion of conference and convention proposals, with Valencia as their flagship destination. This Ambassadors' Club, which has more than 500 members, has contributed to an increase in the Centre's business and to its improved international congress tourism ranking, which has risen by 270% since the building was opened.

 In the words of the Conference Centre's Managing Director, Sylvia Andrés, "a 20-year cycle is coming to an end in which ambassadors, strategic partners and a close-knit team have been key elements in the success obtained and in the excellent future event portfolio. In addition, none of this would have been possible without the unconditional support of the Valencia City Council, which has fostered MICE tourism in the city and helped it to grow as a congress destination".