The cuisine at the Valencia Conference Centre has two main attributes: flexibility and quality. Flexibility, thanks to our ability to cater for the needs of every event and every customer, constantly renewing our dishes to take advantage of the best seasonal produce. The attribute of quality centres on three areas.

Quality in terms of our cuisine which, based on the concept of "nomadic cuisine", works on creations which are innovative yet respect tradition using the natural flavours in food. A style of “market cuisine” which dovetails with Mediterranean tradition to offer surprising experiences which are constantly updated.

Quality in terms of the service provided by a professional, highly experienced team that is able to identify the needs of every event and cater for all of its particularities. An example of this are our special menus for coeliacs, vegans and vegetarians, and our organic produce menu.

Finally, quality understood as a safe, reliable service, scrupulously complying with food safety and hygiene standards, in line with the ISO 9001 and 14001 standards and the "Q" Tourist Quality certificate, as set out in the Conference Centre’s Quality and Environmental Management Systems. Gourmet Catering has been Safe Tourism Certified by the Spanish Tourist Quality Institute (ICTE). This mark guarantees and certifies the implementation of the Covid-19 occupational health and safety system. Download dossier "Safety at events".

Information and contact: Elena Cerveró - Account Executive  | Tel: +34 655 455 206 |

elena.cervero@gourmetcatering.es | http://www.gourmetcatering.es