Case studies


Customer: Institute of Telecommunications and Multimedia Applications (iTEAM)

Event: conference

Type: technological

Date: 17-21 June 2019

Days: 5

“The Valencia Conference Centre has progressively adapted its resources, offering wireless connectivity, a network of connections throughout the centre, the latest audiovisual equipment with the capacity to produce and create content that not all the world's conference centres have.” “It’s very easy to work at the Conference Centre as its team is extremely approachable and friendly, problems are solved, any new stuff and improvisationsare sorted out, and many of the things a conference needs are already there inside the venue including food services, which is very important when you’re planning an event forover 800, 900 or 1,000 people.’

Narcís Cardona // ITEAM Director


The team faced several challenges during both technology events which turned Valencia into the world’s 5G technology capital. Everything was coordinated with event planner iTEAM and the tech companies which displayed their innovations in the exhibition area to show delegates the conference’s main milestones: the first worldwide 5G holographic videoconference; driving an autonomous car remotely using this technology; the control system of a robotic arm which instantaneously reproduces the movements of a human arm; and the first 5G television connection in Spain.


We turned our Auditorium 1 into the setting for the first worldwide 5G holographic videoconference in which two video signals were broadcast in real time with hardly any latency from different places in Valencia.

In Auditorium 3 we also combined a downtime networking zone and a stand exhibition area with another first for us, namely integration of a live TV channel showing what was happening at the event at all times. We sent these images to Auditorium 1 via a pioneering solution which can transmit high-definition video and audio signals over long distances using composite video cable.

This meant that delegates could keep an eye on the video channel while they were taking a break, and exhibiting companies could monitor activities whilst they were doing their sales work.

Objectives met

Both conferences took up the ENTIRE building so we needed to provide the organisers with a comprehensive, versatile and fast audiovisual and building response system.

Food services also had to be tailored to the diverse needs of over 800 delegates, 70% of them from abroad.