Adela Cortina //

One of the great strengths of this conference is our social work. Here at the Valencia Conference Centre, we want to help kidney failure patients as much as possible by providing them with all the professional help we can to improve their quality of life

Dr. Ramón Roca-Tey and José Ibeas // President and group vice president

Franck Grosset-Janin // Head of PCO and Innovation Hubs–Europe for Kuoni Congress

We chose Valencia because it is a city with a Conference Center that I belive offers all the facilities needed to host major internacional events. We are very pleased with how the confernce is going both in terms of attendance and in terms organisation and the technical assistance provided by all the Center staff

Juan Carlos Pérez Varela and Manuel Román // Chairman of the Spanish Orthodontics Society and President of the 1st Conference on Aligners and New Technologies

The professionalism of the team, the audiovisual equipment and technical support skills. We're all very satisfied. And we're leaving with a very positive impression

Luis Motes // Director of DoyouMedia, PCO of #CNV2022

Our experience at the Palacio de Congresos has been very positive and we're very happy with all the facilities on offer. The seats were very comfortable, and the rooms and technical services support very well suited to the event

Flavia Indrio // President of the International Society of Probiotics, Prebiotics, Postbiotics in Pediatrics

Transport connections and the city itself are excellent. Its climate, its food culture, and its light. The Conference Centre is a light and airy eco-sustainable space.

Luis Ramos // President of the Spanish Society of Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology

It was a great success, with more than 800 participants. Holding it at the Conference Centre has been a success because this space has all the features necessary for this type of large-scale event

Antonio Granell // Copresidente del comité organizador de METABOLOMICS 2022

It is proving to be a satisfactory experience - not just because of the upgraded facilities, but also because of the audio-visual media

José Alfonso Antonino Daviu // Co-chairman of #ICEM2022

My specialist field, and the field that has brought several conferences here, is groundwater. I would like to take advantage of this forum to advocate the role of groundwater as an invisible part of the water cycle that can help us to combat climate change and reduce our water footprint.

Jaime Gómez Hernández // Professor of Hydraulic Engineering at the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV)

From the first visit to the end of the event, I have received a very positive treatment from the Palacio de Congresos. I want to highlight the futuristic design and style of the building, as well as the kindness of the team, which contributed ideas that enriched the event and was pending at all times. In addition, compliance with prevention measures against COVID-19 has been perfect.

Kit Ling // Marketing Responsible - Huawei Empresas España

"You are great professionals and you make the complexity of an event of these characteristics easy. When we have all kinds of facilities to develop a project of this type, what we are left with at the end is a great satisfaction for the work done, without negative details of any kind to remember. The repercussion of the event has been very great and we have received nothing but congratulations everywhere".

Reyes Aguilar // Communication Area, Event Marketing, Production and CDTI Publications. 11th Conference of the Research and Innovation Framework Program of the European Union in Spain

We have moved to the València Conference Centre, which for us brings together what is key: the environment, the context of the building and its facilities, which are magnificent; it has the technology and resources, and the key element for all of these - the people.

Carmen Serrano // General Coordinator of AINIA Training-Meeting Pack 2022

We are enjoying the magnificent city and, after two years, the professional contact in this in-person meeting

Javier Barberá // President of the General Council of Insurance Mediators' Associations of Spain

The selected seat more than meets our requirements and is the best in terms of comfort and the usability of its different features

José Solaz // Scientific Director of IBV

In 2018, we held the ONCE Solidarity Awards here and in 2019 we held a CERMI Convention. CERMI is the platform for organisations of people with disabilities. There was a massive attendance of people with mobility problems, with reduced mobility and we had no problems, no barriers. It was absolutely accessible. This is perhaps the most important advantage for us at the Valencia Conference Centre.

Enrique Llin // Chair of the ONCE Regional Council

I would definitely recommend choosing Valencia for your congresses. One of the reasons is the excellent communication with the team at the Conference Centre, the outstanding relationship we have with the team, the ease with which the organisers can choose rooms and organise events.

Asunción Torregrosa // Chair of the Valencian Region Society of Radiology and Deputy Chair of the Spanish Society of Radiology

I think that coming to Valencia and to the Conference Centre has been an amazing experience.I think you have to come to the concerts because it's the only way to really listen to the music, to see it and really enjoy it.

Stay Homas // Spanish music band

Our relationship with the conference team here is excellent and, actually, the fact back here with event, it’s the prove that we considered it a one of the best convention team around Europe.

Valentini Amarantidou // Executive Director of EANS

Our experience with the Valencia Conference Centre was extremely positive. It was excellent in terms of safety and the professional standards of the staff were second to none. 

Betty Beneyto // Head of Idea Development, Levante Area, APD

In general, it has been very successful. We felt very comfortable in these facilities, as the Centre's layout means we had plenty of room to carry out lots of different activities in the numerous open-plan areas.

Elena de Miguel // Chair of the Spanish Traumatology and Orthopaedic Nursing Association (AEETO)

The agreement that the Palacio de Congresos and CEMAS have signed is an alliance full of future. The Palacio de Congresos is a large antenna that contributes to the dissemination and advancement of urban agri-food systems.

Vicente Domingo // Director of World Sustainable Urban Food Centre (CEMAS)

With the Conference Centre we have had a lot of leeway due to the changes of dates (due to the pandemic, the event was postponed) and we have worked very well with their team

Jorge Benítez, presidente Colegio Mediadores de Seguros de València // President of the València Insurance Mediators' Association

Our total commitment to the digitalisation of the sector means we're looking for iconic venues, themselves committed to digitalisation in their activity and events. That's why we saw a clear synergy in choosing the Valencia Conference Centre as our venue

Rafael Vila // Chairman of the Organising Committee of the Spanish Congress of Digital Dentistry and New Technologies

We have gathered at the Valencia Conference Centre, one of the most innovative venues that can host events such as the presentation of Horizon Europe, the Horizon Europe Framework Programme, the European framework programme for research and innovation. 

Javier Ponce // Director of the Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology (CDTI)-11th Conference of the Research and Innovation Framework Program of the European Union in Spain

People are very happy with the Conference Centre and the professionalism. Everything is working perfectly, some of our attendees are online, even some speakers, and there has not been any problems. Everything has worked very well; the food is delicious so I highly recommend that people go out and do things here because it is worth it.

María Jesús Vicent // Chair of the ISPT Conference Organising Committee

The experience at the Conference Centre is amazing. The rooms are perfectly delimited, the facilities are magnificent. Anyone can hold an event here with all the necessary health and safety guarantees. I would encourage people to organise face-to-face events.

Pepe Álvarez // UGT General Secretary

During the EUCNC,  several live demonstrations of 5G technology were carried out, such as the first holographic call, a robotic arm, the automotive industry and immersive reality. All of this was only possible thanks to the infrastructure of the Conference Centre and the expertise of the technicians who helped and supported us at all times.

Alicia Abad // ITEAM R&D Telecommunication Engineer

The Film Symphony Orchestra’s experience with the Valencia Conference Centre has always been excellent, everything has been very easy, that's what makes the Conference Centre so special. In times of pandemic, they have been very understanding about the situation.

Constantino Martínez-Orts // Conductor of the Film Symphony Orchestra

It has been a great experience here. Everybody has been really looking after us. The food, the catering… everything worked well and so our experience overall was fantastic.

Claudius Thome // EANS Training Commitee Chair

We chose the Valencia Conference Centre because it provided the best conditions for holding our congress, with the best safety guarantees for our delegates. 

Juan Cruz // former General Secretary of the CCOO trade union in the Valencian Region

Las ventajas de la presencialidad del III Congreso Interdisciplinar de Genética Humana es un volumen de asistentes que, probablemente, no habríamos conseguido a nivel online y, sobre todo, la interacción personal. Es la única manera de establecer grandes relaciones a nivel personal profesional y científico, como estamos comprobando en este evento.

Javier García-Planells // Director de Diagnóstico Genómico de Precisión de Igenomix y presidente de la Asociación Española de Diagnóstico Prenatal (AEDP)

In 2015, the FAO, the United Nations agency for food, agriculture and fisheries, understood that the relationship with cities had to be strengthened. Not only did we bring together 100 mayors and representatives of cities from all over the world, we also convinced representatives of the world's major city networks to take part. And the physical forum that took place here has continued to grow over time.

Vicente Domingo // Director of the Valencia World Sustainable Urban Food Centre (CEMAS)

For us, the Valencia Conference Centre has been a huge time capsule that has been hosting great events since 1998. It is a generator of knowledge that has always sought excellence but, above all, has always understood its mission: to add value for the people in our region.

Gonzalo Belenguer // Director of REDIT (the Valencian Region's Technology Centre Network)

It is a pleasure to have held the First Women's Leadership Forum at the Valencia Conference Centre. We are lucky to have these magnificent facilities in Valencia and we must take advantage of them.

Laura Olcina // Director of ITI

My experience with the Conference Centre has been very positive. Your team has helped us at all times from the early stages of organising the convention right through until after the event. It has been a major accomplishment for all of us.

Fausto Di Niro // Tour Operator Head of Office

We chose the València Conference Centre because it is an icon of city and thanks to its presentation, we were successful in its bid. We were impressed by the modernisation of the audio-visual systems

Gaspar Pérez // President of the organising committee for the 13th Symposium of the Spanish Society of Microbiota, Probiotics and Prebiotics

The role of the Conference Centre team is key to this partnership. It is thanks to the staff here that all the services, all the activities, everything flows when you are here, it's wonderful.

Xavi Calvo // Director of World Design Capital Valencia 2022

La firma de cualquier documento vinculado a instituciones tan importantes como es, en nuestra ciudad, el Palacio de Congresos de València supone un gran estímulo a nuestra labor que suma y multiplica, y pone en conocimiento de la sociedad que esta entidad y la Asociación de Donantes de Sangre desarrollan una acción conjunta solidaria para estimular la donación de sangre entre los valencianos. En estos tiempos que corren, que hemos tenido y seguimos teniendo que hacer frente a la crisis sanitaria ocasionada por el Covid, esta unión tiene si cabe, más valor.

Roberto Roig // Presidente de la Asociación de Donantes de Sangre de la Provincia de València

This is the congress of the year for the industry and highlights the sector’s enormous determination to move forward. The Conference Centre has a number of features that are very important to us: it has many access points, is easy to get to, has great infrastructure, is very simple to manage and makes contact with people easier, which for us is an essential part of our congress. We have had amazing numbers of delegates participating via streaming systems. Normally, about 1,200 people come to the event but this year we have had over 3,000 delegates.

Javier Campo // AECOC Chairman

The service we have been given, the assistance we have received, we are better off than at home. We should encourage people to come here. It is a venue that meets our technological expectations but, above all, our human aspirations.

Salvador Tranche // Chairman of SEMFYC

Holding an event at the Valencia Conference Centre is practically a guarantee of success. The Conference Centre has perfect, totally suitable facilities' and the venue's team ends up becoming another committed partner in the project.

Carmina Solsona // Manager SEMFYC Congresos

It has always been a pleasure for me to work on projects for the Valencia Conference Centre. They have always known exactly what they wanted, and between us we have managed to find answers and solutions that have stood the test of time. This attitude, which defines them to perfection, is what every designer hopes to find in their clients. Thank you very much for having contributed to, and for being part of this National Design Award, which I have just been given.

Pepe Gimeno // 2020 Spanish National Design Award. Creator of our corporate brand image.

This is the second session I have given since lockdown. And I wasn't aware of how nice it is to see people's faces again. I'm very happy that we are slowly getting back to actually doing things, because we have to try and get back to normal and hold events.

Victor Küppers // Trainer, Mentes Expertas' speaker and lecturer at the University of Barcelona

The measures taken by the Conference Centre to deal with the COVID situation have, in my opinion, proved to be the best available in the current scenario.

Vicente Sales // Head of Market Analysis and Strategy at AIDIMME

This is the first time we have tried this virtual hybrid-face-to-face type of congress and we are extremely satisfied.

Fernando Saludes // Chairman of AIDIMME

As a haematologist I have been familiar with the Conference Centre for many years. Right from the start, when we contacted the Conference Centre, they understood what we needed and the whole team came on board so we could collect blood in this wonderful setting. This is a great example of their commitment to society and their willingness to cooperate in a range of situations that this pandemic has thrown up.

Cristina Arbona // Director of the Valencian Region Blood Transfusion Centre

'We are delighted to have been able to organise this meeting at the Conference Centre. The safety protocols implemented have not been an impediment for delegates to take part despite the stringent safety measures in the rooms and during the breaks, and we have comfortably met our expectations for the event'

Manuel García Abad. // Chairman of the Iberian LiveMed Institute Foundation

It is perfectly feasible to hold a face-to-face event, with the necessary safety measures in place, while maintaining a high level of safety in the conferences and in the encounters between the attendees.

José María Bonmatí // Director of AECOC

The Conference Centre is a very good place for holding large events, but in addition to the venue’s architecture and layout, I would also highlight the enormous professionalism of the people who work there. Its team has given us extraordinary support at a corporate event as important as our General Shareholders’ Meeting.

José Ignacio Goirigolzarri // President of Bankia

València is one of the best destinations in Europe, one of the most attractive destinations for business tourism.

Ximo Puig // President of the Valencian Regional Government

'We chose the Conference Centre for our general assembly because it is synonymous with success and peace of mind. The outstanding facilities and a great team of professionals are definitely the perfect combination, and this year, they have also implemented all the necessary health measures to deal with the COVID-19 and to guarantee the safety of all the participants'.

Armando Nieto Ranero // Executive Chairman of Divina Pastora Seguros

Everything’s ready at the Valencia Conference Centre. It’s easy to run and manage.

Ibrahim Najafi // Ceo de Froneri (Helados Nestlé)

Of course, it is a conference centre that has won the world's best convention centre award. They didn't expect to come to this, so they were really happy.

Loreto Crespo // OPC Talentum. Longevity World Forum 2019 planner

It’s a place and a venue that lets us do everything this congress requires in terms of audiovisual and technical content and production.

Manuel Casanova // Founder partner at OPC Talentum. Longevity World Forum 2019 planner

Valencia is an ideal location to hold international congresses like these. First, because it is well located; the city of Valencia is a well connected city, then there is the climate, the food and the restaurants around the whole city.

Manuel Pérez Alonso // Chair of the Longevity World Forum 2019 planning committee

The Conference Centre provided us with all the infrastructure we needed to run this cybersecurity conference.

Rosa Díaz // Director of the National Institute for Cybersecurity (INCIBE)

The venue and the setting are extremely bright. The auditorium has a wonderful screen which you won’t find in many other auditoria elsewhere in Spain. 

Francisco Polo // Secretary of State for Digital Advancement

The Valencia Conference Centre has progressively adapted its resources, offering wireless connectivity, a network of connections throughout the centre. It’s very easy to work at the Conference Centre as its team is extremely approachable and friendly, problems are solved.

Narcis Cardona // Director EUCNC 2019 &Global 5G

It’s very rewarding to get good feedback, people's response afterwards, and the professionalism of the Conference Centre has helped enormously in making it a success.

María Jesús Vicent // Planner for the Controlled Release Society’s 46th Annual Meeting

During the ICCA European Client / Supplier Business Workshop it was a pleasure to work with its highly qualified and accessible staff, who always keep one step ahead to meet the customer’s requirements and needs at all times. Everything from organising the event to holding it, the staff, the venue and the destination exceeded my expectations.

Claire Jackson // Project Manager Membership Services ICCA

People have congratulated us on the versatility of the rooms, the professionalism of the technical team and the cuisine at the Conference Centre, which was served to delegates from almost 60 countries.

Joan Ferré // Chairman of the SIP-IOBC 2019 Congress. International Congress on Invertebrate Pathology and Microbial Control & 52nd Annual Meeting of the Society for Invertebrate Pathology & 17th Meeting of the IOBC-WPRS Working Group

The meeting has been exceptional in every respect. The facilities, accessibility, flexibility and availability have all been excellent. Thank you for everything on behalf of the Plus Ultra team and my own team.

Julio Pérez. // Levante Regional Director Plus Ultra Meeting

The Conference Centre made it easy for us to have all the rooms and thanks to the support given to us by all their staff, the congress was a great success. It was the first time it had been held in Valencia and brought together two international societies.

Baltasar Escriche // Co-chairman of SIP-IOBC 2019. International Congress on Invertebrate Pathology and Microbial Control & 52nd Annual Meeting of the Society for Invertebrate Pathology & 17th Meeting of the IOBC-WPRS Working Group

One of the characteristics of this Conference Centre that we value the most is the fact that we can have all the sessions, both plenary and parallel, within a very short distance.

José Antonio Font // Director of 22nd International Conference on General Relativity and Gravitation and 13th Edoardo Amaldi Conference on Gravitational Waves

When we were thinking about hosting this congress, we found the Centre’s facilities made it the perfect venue for holding major events. It is the ideal place in Valencia.

Dr. Antonio Pellicer // Chair of the 4th International IVI Congress

I encourage other societies to hold their congresses here. The facilities are excellent, the hotel accommodation is very close to the Conference Centre and Valencia is an excellent city.

Pilar Medina // Deputy Chairwoman of the Organising Committee of the 61st National Congress of the SEHH and the 35th National Congress of the SETH

Our partnership with the Valencia Conference Centre has been excellent both in the lead-up to the event and now. Everything’s done just right and the catering is excellent. Our customers are very happy so we’ve had a great time in Valencia and hope to come back.

Avital Rosen // Vicepresident Kenes International (6th International Conference Nutrition & Growth 2019)

The results of the congress have been spectacular. The building is superb. The team is marvellous and the recent remodelling of the building has been very successful, enabling us to meet in several breakout rooms.

Carlos Solano // Chairman of the Organising Committee of the 61st National Congress of the SEHH and the 35th National Congress of the SETH

The team in the Valencia Conference Centre was so much friendly. We really enjoyed it and we had a successful congress here.

Severine Weinz // Project Team, Interplan

We have managed to work as a team at all levels and to enjoy a venue like the Conference Centre, which provides reliability and peace of mind, in terms of hospitality, catering services, rooms, everything, and especially at a technical level.

Manuel Celda // Event manager, Bioparc Valencia

As a building it is stunning and as a venue, as acoustics, we think it’s first-rate. The acoustics mean we can really gauge the audience’s reaction; you can hear the laughter, you can hear the applause a lot more.

Les Luthiers // Argentine comedians group

It has a thousand hotel beds within walking distance and is well linked to the station, as well as to the city centre. These factors make it an excellent venue for international and national congresses.

Marta García-Conde // Destination Manager Valencia OPC Pacific World

There is no doubt in my mind about the Conference Centre’s contribution to winning events like the IHC for Valencia. The building is unquestionably one of the factors that help us sell the city as a conference destination.

Dr. José Miguel Láinez // Chairman and Professor. Department of Neurology. University Clinic Hospital. Catholic University of Valencia. Co-chair of the 17th International Headache Congress

The building is magnificent, it has everything we need. In addition to the auditoriums, we have been able to meet in ten parallel sessions, and the facilities for our exhibitors have been excellent. 

David Williams- Mitchell // Director of Communication, Annual Conference of the European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA)

I would like to thank you and express my appreciation, as well as that of all the Governments involved and the Board of Directors of the African Development Bank, for your superb hosting of our annual Assembly, which was being held outside Africa for the first time.

Omar Kabbaj. // Chairman of the African Development Bank

Our attendees have given us some very positive feedback about the Congress and I think a lot of that is down to the work you at the Conference Centre put in. Thank you so much for everything.

Babette Schmidt // Global Conference Support Congress of the EfCCNa (European Federation of Critical Care Nursing Associations

After five congresses and 17,000 people I can confirm that there are few venues which provide such personalised services for dealing with the problems that come up with this type of congress.

Jordi Matías-Guiu // Manager of the Spanish Neurology Society

The delegates are very impressed with the facilities and many will be returning to Valencia on holiday. They thought the city was amazing.

Begoña Giner // Professor of Accounting, Faculty of Economics, University of Valencia, and Chairman of the Organising Committee of the EAA Congress

‘This Conference Centre has the size and capacity we need and can accommodate all the members of our society. It’s also very bright, has an excellent location and great transport links. This means we can run our national congress here’.

Mercedes Escarrer // Chair of SEICAP (Spanish Society of Paediatric Clinical Immunology, Allergy and Asthma)

Our goal is to improve the professional skills of specialists who have to deal with these pathologies every day, and we have chosen topics and experts in them from both Spain and abroad. Communication and skills recycling are always crucial and the place where you update your knowledge needs to be an inviting setting that makes these exchanges possible.

Dra. Mª José López García // Professor of Paediatrics at the University of Valencia, Specialist in Child Endocrinology, Chair of the Organising Committee for the Spanish Society of Paediatric Endocrinology Congress

Valencia Conference Centre: friendly efficiency.

Dr. Enrique Ortega. // Chair of the 12th AIDS Conference

My experience has been excellent. I found a special venue in Valencia to which I could bring almost 1,000 people to hold an event where we could share experiences and knowledge, one which we have enjoyed and has been a success.

María Peñarrocha // Organising Committee Chair for the 15th SECIB National Congress 2017

This facility is amazing. It has everything we needed. The communication with the has been very good. We could always get a response on time and get the information we needed.

S.MAHID HASSANIZADEH // Managing Director of Interpore (The International Society for Porous Media)

Valencia has many different qualities for hosting a congress for orthopaedic surgeons. Firstly, it has a historical orthopaedic tradition well known to our older colleagues. Secondly, it has a venue (the Conference Centre) where we can hold our congress with sufficient room and comfort for all. The facilities near the Centre more than meet our needs and lastly the weather is good almost all year round.

Dr. Julio Ribes Iborra // Chair of the Organising Committee for the 52nd National Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology Congress

Many cities in the United States, where I go more frequently to meetings, have very large facilities, often intending to house big exhibitions and thousands or ten of thousands people. They tend to be too big, too unwieldy. I love this building because it is more manageable, much more human. So, congratulations! It’s the right scale.  

Edward Rubin // Professor of Environmental Engineering and Science at Carnegie Mellon University (United States) 2007 Nobel Peace Prize

We’re really very pleased with the outcome of the Congress. It’s an ideal Centre, very modern, so our Congress has fitted in perfectly. The fact that the exhibition area runs right along the auditoriums makes it easy to change rooms and interact with colleagues at the Congress.

Fernando Morcillo // Chair of the Spanish Water and Wastewater Association (AEAS) (35th AEAS National Congress)

We wanted a low-CO2 emissions event and the Centre had all the things we needed to hold one. The roof, the nearby hotels and the sustainable catering made it into the ideal place for our event.

Nick Boutler. // Director of the Hay Group Conference

The Conference Centre is the flagship for our events. In addition to having excellent facilities, we have been treated extremely well by the team that works here.

Carlos Simón // Baylor College of Medicine (Houston), Stanford University School of Medicine, Scientific Director of Igenomix and organiser of the 2017 International Conference on Preimplantation Genetics

It was a pleasure to return to the venue and discover the huge change the Centre has undergone with the new audiovisual equipment. Although the screen or projector used in an event might not seem important to those who are not au fait with the industry, we can honestly say that, after using the new equipment during the EAA Congress we have seen a huge difference, and that your commitment to using the latest technology really shows. Behind a successful event, there is always a solid chain of professionals and the best facilities and equipment.

Patricia Sanjuan // Director, Congress and Events Department, Finest TurEvents)