Our partnership with the Valencia Conference Centre has been excellent both in the lead-up to the event and now. Everything’s done just right and the catering is excellent. Our customers are very happy so we’ve had a great time in Valencia and hope to come back.

Avital Rosen // Vicepresident Kenes International (6th International Conference Nutrition & Growth 2019)

Out of all the venues we saw in Valencia when we were looking to stage this event, it was the one that best suited our needs. In addition, the Conference Centre’s team were really willing to help out.

Juan Castillejo // Eventos Production Director (Bankia Shareholders Meeting)

As a building it is stunning and as a venue, as acoustics, we think it’s first-rate. The acoustics mean we can really gauge the audience’s reaction; you can hear the laughter, you can hear the applause a lot more.

Les Luthiers // Argentine comedians group

Valencia has all the hotel and food options and a superb climate for holding an event of this kind and, well, if you’ve got a Conference Centre like the one we have today, what more could you ask for?

Elías Colom // Director de marketing comercial de Global Omnium ( XXXV Congreso Nacional de AEAS)

We’re really very pleased with the outcome of the Congress. It’s an ideal Centre, very modern, so our Congress has fitted in perfectly. The fact that the exhibition area runs right along the auditoriums makes it easy to change rooms and interact with colleagues at the Congress.

Fernando Morcillo // Chair of the Spanish Water and Wastewater Association (AEAS) (35th AEAS National Congress)

The Valencia Conference Centre really helped us in putting together our bid for the ICHEP, which saw off competition from other cities including Manchester, Chicago and San Francisco.

Juan Fuster // Chair of the 37th International Conference on High Energy Physics (ICHEP)

Valencia Conference Centre: friendly efficiency.

Dr. Enrique Ortega. // Chair of the 12th AIDS Conference

The Conference Centre is the flagship for our events. In addition to having excellent facilities, we have been treated extremely well by the team that works here.

Carlos Simón // Baylor College of Medicine (Houston), Stanford University School of Medicine, Scientific Director of Igenomix and organiser of the 2017 International Conference on Preimplantation Genetics

Everything’s ready at the Valencia Conference Centre. It’s easy to run and manage.

Ibrahim Najafi // Ceo de Froneri (Helados Nestlé)

During the ICCA European Client / Supplier Business Workshop it was a pleasure to work with its highly qualified and accessible staff, who always keep one step ahead to meet the customer’s requirements and needs at all times. Everything from organising the event to holding it, the staff, the venue and the destination exceeded my expectations.

Claire Jackson // Project Manager Membership Services ICCA

The team in the Valencia Conference Centre was so much friendly. We really enjoyed it and we had a successful congress here.

Severine Weinz // Project Team, Interplan

There is no doubt in my mind about the Conference Centre’s contribution to winning events like the IHC for Valencia. The building is unquestionably one of the factors that help us sell the city as a conference destination.

Dr. José Miguel Láinez // Chairman and Professor. Department of Neurology. University Clinic Hospital. Catholic University of Valencia. Co-chair of the 17th International Headache Congress

Our attendees have given us some very positive feedback about the Congress and I think a lot of that is down to the work you at the Conference Centre put in. Thank you so much for everything.

Babette Schmidt // Global Conference Support Congress of the EfCCNa (European Federation of Critical Care Nursing Associations

Valencia has many different qualities for hosting a congress for orthopaedic surgeons. Firstly, it has a historical orthopaedic tradition well known to our older colleagues. Secondly, it has a venue (the Conference Centre) where we can hold our congress with sufficient room and comfort for all. The facilities near the Centre more than meet our needs and lastly the weather is good almost all year round.

Dr. Julio Ribes Iborra // Chair of the Organising Committee for the 52nd National Orthopaedic Surgery and Traumatology Congress

After five congresses and 17,000 people I can confirm that there are few venues which provide such personalised services for dealing with the problems that come up with this type of congress.

Jordi Matías-Guiu // Manager of the Spanish Neurology Society

Our goal is to improve the professional skills of specialists who have to deal with these pathologies every day, and we have chosen topics and experts in them from both Spain and abroad. Communication and skills recycling are always crucial and the place where you update your knowledge needs to be an inviting setting that makes these exchanges possible.

Dra. Mª José López García // Professor of Paediatrics at the University of Valencia, Specialist in Child Endocrinology, Chair of the Organising Committee for the Spanish Society of Paediatric Endocrinology Congress

It was a pleasure to return to the venue and discover the huge change the Centre has undergone with the new audiovisual equipment. Although the screen or projector used in an event might not seem important to those who are not au fait with the industry, we can honestly say that, after using the new equipment during the EAA Congress we have seen a huge difference, and that your commitment to using the latest technology really shows. Behind a successful event, there is always a solid chain of professionals and the best facilities and equipment.

Patricia Sanjuan // Director, Congress and Events Department, Finest TurEvents)

I would like to thank you and express my appreciation, as well as that of all the Governments involved and the Board of Directors of the African Development Bank, for your superb hosting of our annual Assembly, which was being held outside Africa for the first time.

Omar Kabbaj. // Chairman of the African Development Bank

The delegates are very impressed with the facilities and many will be returning to Valencia on holiday. They thought the city was amazing.

Begoña Giner // Professor of Accounting, Faculty of Economics, University of Valencia, and Chairman of the Organising Committee of the EAA Congress

My experience has been excellent. I found a special venue in Valencia to which I could bring almost 1,000 people to hold an event where we could share experiences and knowledge, one which we have enjoyed and has been a success.

María Peñarrocha // Organising Committee Chair for the 15th SECIB National Congress 2017

Many cities in the United States, where I go more frequently to meetings, have very large facilities, often intending to house big exhibitions and thousands or ten of thousands people. They tend to be too big, too unwieldy. I love this building because it is more manageable, much more human. So, congratulations! It’s the right scale.  

Edward Rubin // Professor of Environmental Engineering and Science at Carnegie Mellon University (United States) 2007 Nobel Peace Prize

We wanted a low-CO2 emissions event and the Centre had all the things we needed to hold one. The roof, the nearby hotels and the sustainable catering made it into the ideal place for our event.

Nick Boutler. // Director of the Hay Group Conference

The meeting has been exceptional in every respect. The facilities, accessibility, flexibility and availability have all been excellent. Thank you for everything on behalf of the Plus Ultra team and my own team.

Julio Pérez. // Levante Regional Director Plus Ultra Meeting

When we were thinking about hosting this congress, we found the Centre’s facilities made it the perfect venue for holding major events. It is the ideal place in Valencia.

Dr. Antonio Pellicer // Chair of the 4th International IVI Congress

Valencia needed a venue of this type, not only because of its architectural beauty but also due to the business agility it brings to the local economy.

Juan Roig // Chairman of Mercadona