Yet a great building is not enough to attract great congresses. In addition to a specialist venue, a great city is required too. VALENCIA is an ideal, perfectly-sized city with an exceptional climate, excellent transport links, a comprehensive tourist infrastructure, and a long history. It also has a prestigious community of nationally and internationally renowned scientists, doctors, professors and professionals who are committed to promoting their city. Their work is vital to maintain and boost congress activity... They are OUR AMBASSADORS.

We would like to transmit all our support and GRATITUDE to these ambassadors, and encourage them to continue and redouble their efforts, their success and their achievements. Through their discreet yet highly productive efforts, they not only increase the prestige of the centres and institutions they work in, enhancing their image but also provide benefits for the city of Valencia as a whole, thanks to the economic impact generated by the congresses that are held here.

The Valencia Conference Centre team specialises in event tourism and has extensive experience in the competitive process of presenting bids for congresses, providing customers with professional support at each stage of the process. Our team is on hand to answer any queries and give you an insight into the exciting work of a congress ambassador.


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“When you walk with giants, the world becomes a very different place."



  • A communitymade up of over 600 ambassadors
  • + 333bids won
  • Objectiveboosting the international outreach of Valencia and attracting event tourism

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