• 07/06/2020

The Valence Conference Centre celebrates world environment day with the launch of its SDG Project

Coinciding with World Environment Day, the Valencia Conference Centre is raising awareness of the need for social, cultural and economic progress in its sphere of influence and its firm intention to combat climate change by launching a new project aligned with the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The Councillor for Tourism and Internationalisation and Chairman of the Conference Centre's Board of Directors, Emiliano García, pointed out that “by strengthening our commitment to the environment, we hope to lay the foundations of of a society that is capable of building a better future”. With this objective in mind, he explained that the team at the Valencia Conference Centre “is launching a new project, especially focused on continuing to promote new sustainability initiatives that guarantee compliance with the United Nations' SDGs within the framework of conferences and congresses”.

This is the basis of the SDG Project”, stated the Councillor, who explained that this initiative “aims to be a platform for staff, customers and strategic allies which guarantees comprehensive measures covering all areas of the building's activities and contributing to the international 2030 Agenda agreement, which advocates universal social wellbeing”.

The project is part of the Centre's Sustainability Plan, which already has a number of milestones under its belt. These include the installation of the photovoltaic roof in 2008, which has already generated more than 3 million kWh of clean energy. Currently, sustainable investments represent 40% of the total and it is estimated that they also save approximately 1 million kWh in annual energy consumption. These reductions avoid the emission of 707 tonnes in CO2 eq., the approximate amount emitted into the atmosphere by 150 vehicles on the roads in one year.

The SDG Project represents the beginning of a new era in which new initiatives that guarantee responsible consumption and promote the cultural, economic and social development of Valencia will be implemented. According to the Conference Centre's Managing Director, Sylvia Andrés, “with the SDG Project, we are taking a giant step forward in our commitment to achieving the goals that will guarantee a better, more sustainable and more inclusive future. SDG-based initiatives are key to the recovery of the economy and can be decisive in a scenario such as the one we are currently experiencing".

Sylvia Andrés also stated that with the implementation of these actions, the Centre “contributes to raising global awareness in favour of a fairer and more supportive society, helping Valencia to move forward in its strategy as a smart city. Furthermore, it promotes innovation and technology as the basis for using non-polluting energy, and the adoption of urgent measures to combat climate change and its adverse effects”.