• 300 days of sunshine every year
  • Direct connection to Madrid by high-speed train
  • International airport with connections to the main European hubs
  • Wide range of hotel accommodation
  • Access on foot, by metro, tram, bus, taxi or bike
  • Restaurants, museums, shops... perfect for your leisure time after work



Valencia is a large city, yet everything is close at hand. It has a warm climate, breathtaking sunlight, and an easygoing nature which visitors find contagious and makes them feel at home. Valencia loves to welcome visitors, and it shows. Holding an event in the city adds extra value to a meeting, and sows the seed for an unforgettable experience.

Valencia has direct flights to over 70 international cities and is the ideal location for meetings and congresses that bring together delegates from different places. The high-speed train links the city to Madrid in 90 minutes and the airport connects Valencia to the rest of the world.

Airport connections 


Valencia is a popular destination with both domestic and foreign tourists. This makes it an open, welcoming city that is well versed in catering for visitors. This is reflected in the superb range of services on offer, which include plenty of quality accommodation, restaurants and places to eat for all tastes and pockets, and a comprehensive public transport network. It also has a broad range of cultural, shopping and leisure activities on offer with unique places to unwind and do sport, such as the former river bed which is now a huge long garden.



Valencia is an extremely safe city. Its relaxed atmosphere and friendly inhabitants are two of the major attractions for tourists that visit the city. In addition, the excellent value for money of the hotels and apartments near the venue is a key factor when choosing Valencia as a location to organise an event.